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White's a Delight but the Redder the Better 2White's a Delight but the Redder the Better 2White's a Delight but the Redder the Better 2White's a Delight but the Redder the Better 2
Released July 21, 2014
When two friends break into a penthouse and release a genie, they don't realize how big a problem they've got on their hands as things really...
Inflated EgoInflated EgoInflated Ego
Released July 07, 2014
A class project brings together an unlikely pair - the shy class nerd and the boastful class queen. Things get weird when the class queen begins...
Released June 21, 2014
As equally avid fans of roleplay and fantasy, Kimmy and Jeff are a perfect match. Their peers have labeled them as ugly geeks, but that’s...
The Cleavage Crusader 4The Cleavage Crusader 4The Cleavage Crusader 4
Released June 07, 2014
While her powers become less and less controllable, Sam must contend with yet another super-villainess: the inflatable Lady Zeppelin, Queen of the...
Twin TroublesTwin TroublesTwin TroublesTwin Troubles
Released May 21, 2014
Twin sisters Alice and Malice return to town, unaware that the gem Malice is carrying has been cursed by a faerie. Every time a man lusts after...
Bra BustersBra BustersBra BustersBra Busters
Released May 07, 2014
A bored video store clerk intercepts delivery of a special home entertainment system from Japan intended for her boss. The remote is actually a...
Upcoming Comics
Professor WhenProfessor WhenProfessor When
Set to Release August 07, 2014
Lin's RoundingLin's RoundingLin's RoundingLin's Rounding
Set to Release August 21, 2014
Genetic DestinyGenetic DestinyGenetic Destiny
Set to Release September 07, 2014
Meta-Fiction Love StoryMeta-Fiction Love StoryMeta-Fiction Love StoryMeta-Fiction Love Story
Set to Release September 21, 2014
Inflated Ego 2Inflated Ego 2Inflated Ego 2
Set to Release October 07, 2014
Tender MercyTender MercyTender MercyTender Mercy
Set to Release October 21, 2014
21/07/2014 01:39AM
Another excellent chapter of Dan Standing's popular White's a Delight but the Redder the Better is out now, and this time around there's a cat burglar wearing latex and being mind controlled into p...
07/07/2014 00:34AM
One of the coolest things about publishing your own comics books is helping develop new talent. Sure, it's pretty sweet when more established writers like Dan Standing or Jaycee Knight come on boar...
21/06/2014 02:42AM
In the internet age, nothing is cooler than being a Nerd. Now, thanks to some magic lightning, nothing is sexier either! Bring on the adork-able nerd girls! Synopsis: As equally avid fans of...
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