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Tender MercyTender MercyTender MercyTender Mercy
Released October 21, 2014
Sister Mercy is one of the last nuns in a world run by the cruel whims of powerful demons, who routinely possess or transform humans who give in...
Inflated Ego 2Inflated Ego 2Inflated Ego 2
Released October 07, 2014
Kelly’s last boyfriend, Derek, is now after Shawn for stealing “his” girl and Kelly is unable to stop him. However, strange forces intervene...
Meta-Fiction Love StoryMeta-Fiction Love StoryMeta-Fiction Love StoryMeta-Fiction Love Story
Released September 21, 2014
An artist, unnaturally obsessed with a fictional woman of his creation, finds her coming out of drawing board as a living, breathing person!
Genetic DestinyGenetic DestinyGenetic Destiny
Released September 07, 2014
In the near future where genetic modification is more common, Jake Roberts gives a formal presentation to the affluent and powerful investor,...
Lin's RoundingLin's RoundingLin's RoundingLin's Rounding
Released August 21, 2014
After a girl receives some special spices from a strange shop, she finds that they have a more impressive effect on her than she ever expected.
Professor WhenProfessor WhenProfessor When
Released August 07, 2014
Seeking peace and quiet, the heroic time-traveller The Professor (and his companion Pam) arrive on a space station plagued by gun-toting playboy...
Upcoming Comics
Inflated Ego 3Inflated Ego 3Inflated Ego 3
Set to Release November 07, 2014
Love Bites 2Love Bites 2Love Bites 2Love Bites 2
Set to Release November 21, 2014
Set to Release December 07, 2014
Love is MagicLove is MagicLove is Magic
Set to Release December 21, 2014
The DealThe DealThe DealThe Deal
Set to Release January 07, 2015
Tender Mercy 2Tender Mercy 2Tender Mercy 2Tender Mercy 2
Set to Release January 21, 2015
23/10/2014 05:29AM
Okay, so here’s the deal: we’re doing a nunsploitation expansion comic series, and we get that some people may not be on board with that notion. But you’ve got to understand that this book has ever...
11/10/2014 05:18AM
In the second issue of our most popular title to date, inflatable fan favourite Kelly is back for plenty more expansion-centric fun (and this time she isn't the only one)! Synopsis: Kelly’s ...
21/09/2014 05:35AM
With every comic we put out we try to bring something new and fresh to the expansion fetish market, and this comic is certainly that- a romantic tale of an artist and his creation, featuring enough...
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