Ah! My Boobies!

Ah! My Boobies!
Ah! My Boobies!

When Takeshi Moroboshi agreed to take over the family dojo from his grandmother, he had little idea how much work it would be... especially since his grandmother had converted it into a college girl’s dormitory! Watch as Takeshi struggles to control the four girls that have suddenly entered his life. From the violent Hinata to the mad scientist Ryuka, Takeshi will have to work hard to get a normal life. In this issue, the moe Madoka and katana-wielding Setsuna get a bad case of breast envy...

Tags: inflation, air inflation, clothes ripping, body expansion, breast expansion, belly expansion, ass expansion, weight gain, fruit transformation, multiple expansions, multi-boobs, head inflation, male expansion, comedy, science

Released March 07, 2021
15 pages + cover
Story by Gen-Awesome
Artwork by StudioArieta-YouLZ
This issue is part of the Ah! My Boobies! series.

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