Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention

This is a breast expansion story (with associated height growth) that begins in a man's one-bedroom apartment in a high rise, in which a blue septagram is painted on the wall. The man casts a summoning spell. His goal is to trap a magical entity and force it to modify his girlfriend's body so she becomes what they both fantasize she were: tall and extremely large-breasted. He manages to summon an entity that claims to be an angel, which grants him three wishes, but with a catch. The angel refuses to modify his girlfriend alone without her permission. It is, however, perfectly willing to make any wished-for changes to ALL women. The man goes ahead with the wishes anyway. Chaos ensues.

Tags: breast expansion, can’t move, height increase, clothes ripping, gradual, sex, threesome, magic, OVERBOARD breasts

Released August 21, 2013
15 pages + cover
Story by magns555
Artwork by SednaStudio-Hart

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