Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight
Fight or Flight

In the future, “Fight or Flight” is an inflation themed tournament where the underprivileged members of society fight against one another for the amusement of the upper classes. Scarlet is one of these fighters and she has won 9 battles in a row. If she wins her 10th battle, she will win enough money to save her sister’s life and leave the slums as a celebrity. Unfortunately for her, there are 9 other women that are each determined to stop her.

Tags: inflation, air inflation, clothes ripping, body expansion, breast expansion, belly expansion, ass expansion, uneven expansion, leg expansion, nano-bots, transformative combat, cyberpunk, future, science

Released October 07, 2019
15 pages + cover
Story by Gen-Awesome
Artwork by Oscar Celestini
This issue is part of the Fight or Flight series.

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