Hex Signs 3

Hex Signs 3
Hex Signs 3

The Hex Signs on the Byler barn have been destroyed, but not before images of them as part of a Hex Sign Challenge have gone viral on the Internet – with women’s breasts growing to gigantic proportions as a result. Meanwhile, Hope Byler’s breasts have grown to such a size that each is bigger than any Amish barn in the community where she lives! In the midst of it all, the mysterious sign painter’s plan is proceeding as he wanted – or so he thinks...

Tags: breast expansion, slow expansion, sex, clothes ripping, multiple expansions, button popping, lactation, destruction, gender bender, revenge, science, magic, OVERBOARD breasts

Released May 21, 2023
15 pages + cover
Story by Mac Rome
Artwork by StudioArieta-Yuan
This issue is part of the Hex Signs series.

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