Spray-On Bewbs

Spray-On Bewbs
Spray-On Bewbs

Winning her college’s big science fair competition has been the only thing that bright young Sabrina has ever wanted. However, for the past three years, her arch-rival Geena has bested her, leaving Sabrina feeling dejected and frustrated. Since it’s her senior year, Sabrina knows that she has to pull out all the stops and claim this year’s first-place medal or be forever haunted by her shutout defeat. She feels confident that her “Liquid Lingerie” invention will guarantee her victory, but when Geena unveils her “Spray-On Bewbs” invention, a chemical capable of instantly giving any woman a larger chest, Sabrina knows she’ll have to get her hands a little dirty to come out on top... resulting in some sexy late-night shenanigans where *both* scientists grow out of control!

Tags: breast expansion, lingerie, clothing fetish, female dominant, nerdy girl, immobile, lactation, multi-boobs, nipple expansion, transformation, revenge, science, XTREME breasts

Released January 21, 2024
15 pages + cover
Story by Blue
Artwork by Danusko

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