Swell Heist 3

Swell Heist 3
Swell Heist 3

Tensions are high as William and Judith face off. Meanwhile, Viper and Swiftblade gain access inside William’s Vault. Unbeknownst to them, they trigger a motion sensor and get locked inside. Now they must use their wits and their bodies to survive William’s twisted trap!

Tags: body expansion, weight gain, BBW, growth, immobile, can't move, breast expansion, ass expansion, shrinking, shrunken woman, uneven expansion, transformation, hourglass, multiple expansions, clothes ripping, sci-fi, space western, dieselpunk, science

Released August 07, 2022
15 pages + cover
Story by Rogue Inflator
Artwork by SednaStudio-Wang
This issue is part of the Swell Heist series.

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