The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite 3

The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite 3
The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite 3

Doctor D. Lite has a plan to get rid of her nemesis Elastic Lass once and for all, but she’s going to need a little help this time around. Enter Miranda, an unsuspecting test subject who thinks she’s signed up to taste-test a new experimental soda. With her body turned into a strange jelly-like substance and then being rapidly filled to bursting, does she have any chance of getting out of this situation in one piece?

Tags: inflation, body expansion, breast expansion, clothes ripping, groping, can't move, pleasure, science, popping, force-feeding, monster girl, superheroes

Released November 21, 2016
15 pages + cover
Story by ERed
Artwork by SednaStudio-Wang
This issue is part of the The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite series.

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