The Midday Show

The Midday Show
The Midday Show

Faye Brittany was the queen of daytime television a decade ago. With her ex-husband Jeffrey she hosted the nation’s favourite daytime TV program; The Midday Show. Now she’s back as a guest and Jeffrey is flaunting a younger, beautiful and bouncy new partner to make Faye feel bad. The messy divorce has taken its toll on Faye. She’s reached middle aged overweight and unattractive. But an amazing new invention presents Faye with an opportunity to turn the tables on her philandering ex-husband and her bouncy, younger rival. As egos swell, so does everything else on The Midday Show!

Tags: breast expansion, ass expansion, can’t move, beautification, age change, weight loss, transfer, deflation, height increase, clothes ripping, instant, OVERBOARD breasts

Released June 23, 2013
15 pages + cover
Story by Heir
Artwork by Octo

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