A Grimm Defeat

Salem was not known for being 'merciful'. Tales of the punishments she doled out for rebellion were known far and wide. However, when Jaune found himself on the losing end of a battle with her, he had to admit... he hadn't seen this coming.

The sound of furious pumping filled his ears again as the pressure in his body increased. Now easily fifteen feet across, each puff of air felt like an unbeatable assault.

On his massive chest, the Dark Queen was laughing cruelly. "Ah, I really do enjoy it when I'm in a creative mood!" She loved toying with the young huntsman, savoring the rush of pleasure as the surface beneath her became more and more taut as she pumped. "You won't pop. Not yet, anyway," she informed her captive, though it did nothing to soothe him. "I think I'll tie some mooring lines to you, and fly you over my castle as a warning to your friends! Won't that be fun?"

The bloated Huntsman could only grunt in response. Then again, this was still preferable to the alternative. At least he'd have a nice view!

Story by psvy03
Artwork by Danusko

High resolution (2480x3508)

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