A Grimm Teasing

Jaune shuddered. Every little gust of wind made his swollen body bobble back and forth. Salem had kept her word; though instead of floating him over the castle, she gave him to her subordinates to use.

It was Neopolitan that came up with the idea of using him to scout the surrounding area. Emerald, meanwhile, was far too eager to keep pumping him up. Their leader, Cinder, stood proudly on top of her new airship. Humiliating the enemy and using him to catch his own allies? She couldn't say no to that idea.

They were only a few moments away from the maiden voyage. Soon, the bindings on his hands and feet would come off and they would all take to the sky. Neo put up her parasol, Cinder took her position on top, and Emerald got to work. Despite his pained groans, Jaune's ever expanding body continued to grow larger with each pump.

He hoped they didn't catch anyone. One could only imagine what would happen to them...

Story by psvy03
Artwork by Danusko

High resolution (2481x3509)

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