A Large and Small Problem

Katie entered the store that her friend had told her about, the mystical shop where they sold potions that could grant your wildest wishes. She hardly believed it, but figured she was out and about and a visit to this place couldn't hurt. 'Ah, hello!' said the old shopkeep, wearing a nametag that identified him as 'Bob' 'Hi. I heard you sell magic potions. Silly, I know, but I was curious about it.' 'Well, you know what they say about curiosity, right? It's the best thing there is!' he said jovially. 'What magic might you be looking for?' She got real quiet and began to whisper. 'I've always wanted bigger...breasts. To match up with the other girls in the sorority.' she said. 'Well, I think I have just the thing. It's new and kind of experimental, so tell you what, you can try it right here free of charge.' he said as he dug out a bottle with a green liquid inside, the green glowing eerily. She uncorked it cautiously, then sipped it. It tasted great, so she she began to drink it faster and faster until the bottle was drained. She placed it on the counter. 'Tastes good, but...' she started to say when her chest began to throb. Not in pain, but it was certainly an odd sensation. She looked down and saw her B-cups expand out to D-cups in a fraction of a second. She then felt her world grow larger. She looked down and saw larger breasts but her clothes were staring to get loose. 'Oh dear.' said the man with a grin. 'Haven't worked out all the kinks yet.' he said. 'What do you mean, kinks?!' She said as she shrank down to about four feet tall and her breasts surged to an even larger size. 'Well, it's taking your body size to help increase your bust size. Minor side effect.' 'Minor!' she shouted as she felt the sensations in her body intensify. 'Oh no.'

Story by Higo Prosperio
Artwork by Crimson

High resolution (4000x6600)

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