A New Canvas

An artist at heart, Sandra had been sitting back after finishing her shift at work, just watching people pass by and sketching anyone that caught her interest. Her art was always beautiful, but had the subjects of her drawings ever spotted the true nature of what she was doodling, they surely would've been beyond shocked. From the shapely older woman she'd doodled with a big boost to her bust, to the girls sat around a restaurant table she'd drawn with bulging bellies, she was always careful to keep the pages hidden away from the view of anyone else.

That's why it was all the more startling when a strange, ethereal voice arose within her head.

"Such beautiful art... it's a shame it has to be confined to these simple pages."

Sandra's heart had skipped several beats, her expression one of utter mortification as she looked around for the source, but there was no sign of anyone out of the ordinary.

"Oh no, I'm sorry to startle you, you poor thing!" A vision of a softly featured woman arose in her mind, beautiful like something out of a classical painting. "A brilliant artist shackled by the confines of reality... it's a terrible thing. You deserve a muse... true inspiration..."

A delicate wind blew across her book, flipping through the pages as Sandra just stared straight ahead, unable to process what her brain seemed to be doing to her.

"Like a deer caught in headlights... well, pay silly old Erato no mind, my dear. Take my gift, and never lose your love for your art." A shape spilled across the blank page, like a bottle of ink knocked aside carelessly. It formed a complex symbol, glowing for a short moment before it faded. Sandra's head suddenly felt much lighter, as if a presence had left it. In a panicked huff, she quickly gathered her sketchbook and scurried away, burying her face behind her book and rushing to seat herself on her bus.

The long bus ride gave her the opportunity she needed to finally let the adrenaline drain away, allowing the memory of the traced symbol to flood back. Quickly glancing around the bus to make sure she was actually hidden away, she opened the book just a hint, inspecting the page. A drawing of a cute girl with a massive behind adorned the page, just like she'd been doodling earlier, yet there was no sign of the symbol the woman had drawn. No ink, no glow, nothing. She was about to write it off as nothing when she heard a yelp from across the bus.

Her eyes shot up to realize that one of the seniors from the nearby private school was gasping and holding her butt... a butt that was rapidly swelling within her uniform, her skirt flaring outward and riding up to expose tightening panties. With eyes wide and confusion on her face, she was drawing the eyes of several of the other bus patrons, and a shocked... yet oddly turned on... Sandra.

Quickly shutting her sketchbook, Sandra just stared wide-eyed as the young woman's butt settled at a size big enough to fill the entire aisle-wide seat she was sitting on.

Another of the ladies on the bus moved in to try to help the young woman cover her now massive rear as Sandra hid her face behind her sketchbook and just stared. After a few moments, Sandra's eyes drifted back down to her sketchbook again, and a thought crossed her mind. With a suspicious look, she opened back to the page of her massive-bottomed drawing, only to hear some panicked shouts as now both the girl and the helpful lady's butts began to grow once more.

Sandra gasped, realizing what was happening, just as the bus pulled over right before her stop so the driver could deal with the situation unfolding behind him. Sandra clasped her book shut and ran out the door, sprinting home.

Rushing through her front door, she ran up to her room, swiftly avoiding her family before closing herself in. She whipped open her sketchbook again, flipping to a blank page, turning on her TV, and furiously scribbling out drawing after drawing as she tried to figure out just what the book was capable of.

She looked on with delight as characters from her favorite TV shows were pumped up in any way she wished. TV doctors with pregnant bellies now filling out their scrubs, movie witches accidentally casting breast expanding spells on themselves, ladies from commercials changing from selling phone plans to selling butt enhancement pills. It was incredible, an entire world of fetish fantasies at her disposal, and all she needed to do was draw them.

But now it was time to put it to a real test, and she knew just where to do it.

She pulled out her phone and called her best friend, there for her through thick and thin. Long had Sandra sat by the sidelines, fantasizing about Erica and wishing that, just once, she could reveal her deepest desires to someone like her and have her understand it all without judgement. With a book that seemingly brought her very fantasies to life, maybe today could be that day.

Doing her best to play it cool, Sandra headed over, finding Erica ready to greet her with a big smile.

"Thanks for letting me come over!" Sandra's voice was nervous but excited. "I needed to get out of the house and just... draw for a while."

"No problem! Our living room's always open!"

'Our?' Sandra's anxiety was piqued. Erica wasn't alone today? The two friends settled into the living room, shacking up on the couch as Erica fired up her console for some gaming. It was a perfect opportunity, her friend distracted, the two of them able to just casually chat as Sandra doodled away. She drew furiously. Then came the interruption.

"You girls want anything to eat? I'm gonna start making dinner." There she was. Erica's stepmother. Sandra's heart skipped a beat again, worry setting in as she quickly considered abandoning her plan altogether.

"Oh, that'd be awesome! Just whatever you want to have! I feel like I'm eating for two today," Erica laughed nonchalantly.

"Is that all right with you, Sandra?" The comforting smile on Erica's stepmother's face was heartwarming, though her sizable bust was pretty distracting in its own right.

"Uhh... y-yeah, thanks, Mrs. Carlysle." Sandra's voice was shaky, but the longer she looked, the more she realized that this was even better. Why just make Erica's boobs bigger when she could try different things with all three of them? After all, Erica did say she felt like she was eating for two...

The next 15 minutes were a slow but enticing scene as her intense doodling began to yield results. At first it was nothing major. Her bra feeling tight with her breasts bulging against the cups, Erica shifting in her seat as her belly pushed outward, Mrs. Carlysle's cleavage looking deeper whenever she'd peer into the room. It was hot, but Sandra needed more.

She erased the extra curves she had been drawing in and made them bigger... and then bigger again. She watched her friend's clothes strain and her belly bump and kick from within. She enjoyed the sensation of her own bra snapping as it couldn't hold back her breasts any further. She adored the sight of the older MILF's sweater puppies leaking into her slowly ripping shirt. Everything was as amazing as she could have asked for, and neither of the other women was any the wiser.

Even better when Erica's hunger left her gorging on the food her stepmother stacked high for her dinner. The only disappointment Sandra felt was that she couldn't slide her skirt up and start getting off to the sight right then and there. It was wonderful, and the possibilities were endless. A wide smile crept across Sandra's face. As soon as Erica's stepmother left for the evening, Sandra knew: it was time to reveal it all to her best friend. It was time to find the muse she'd always wanted.

Story by NaomiofMontferrat
Artwork by Altercomics-Ponce

High resolution (6114x3979)

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