A Tour Gone Wrong: A Fourth Helping

“Oh dear, oh dear...” Wonka muttered to himself as he and the other girls noticed Kendra beginning to swell. “It just isn't my day, is it?”

“Wh... what? I f-feel...” Kendra stifled a moan as her sensitive nipples pressed against the fabric of her top. “...ohhhhfunny.”

“Oh god,” said one of the other girls, “not her too!”

The girls watched as Kendra's body began to billow and bloat, blue flesh bursting through straining clothes. As she grew and grew, the young woman's gasps became low moans of discomfort... mixed with something else. Because not only was her body getting bigger, it was also growing more... sensitive.

“Mmphh!!! MmmPhsssshhh!” came a worried cry from behind them.

“Oh right,” Wonka said, suddenly remembering the other predicament they were faced with. The group turned back to face Mona, who had only been continuing her transformation after sucking on that cherry red lollipop. She was almost completely round now, red and bloated like the candy she had consumed. The stick that jutted from her mouth was now huge, about the size of a tent pole. If it weren't for her breasts, it would have been easy to mistake Mona for a lollipop herself. Her fat and stubby hands were no longer able to reach her lollipop stick, and she flapped them helplessly.

“Yes, I suppose she's more or less ready,” Wonka said with a nod. He again pulled out his little whistle and gave it a blow. From far above, the Loompas that had been decorating the gigantic pastry (prior to its removal) looked up from the nozzles they were currently cleaning. They abandoned their task and made their way to the ground, letting the hoses swing wildly. One of the hoses let out a last little spurt of cream that spattered against Jessie, who was standing beneath it. “Ack!” she cried, quickly stepping out of the way.

As she wiped herself clean, Jessie saw the Loompas approach Mona and take hold of the pole. “Wait... Wonka, what are they doing to her?” The girls all gasped as the Ooompa Loompas lifted the lollipop-woman into the air with what looked to be super human strength.

“Mmmfffsh! Fffmph!” Mona cried, eyes wild as the Loompas began to march out the room, holding her aloft like the giant lollipop she was.

“Why, they're finding a more suitable location for her,” Wonka replied. “Preferably somewhere with plenty of space, where she won't disrupt the feng shui of the room.”

“Oh no,” said Jackie as she considered Wonka's words. Did that mean that her friend was doomed to be a simple decoration in Wonka's factory? “Poor Mooona.” A few of the girls turned at the way Jackie pronounced her friend's name. There had been something funny about Jackie's voice there. In fact, now that the girls looked at her, there was something funny about Jackie's appearance too. She looked a little bloated... her face a little strange...

“Jackie, are you feeling all right?” a tour member asked her.

“Huh?” Jackie turned towards the girl with a frown, her ears swaying slightly as they lengthened. “What doo yooooou mmoooooean?”

Story by b-ridge
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (5100x3300)

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