A Tour Gone Wrong: Behind the Eight Ball

For a long moment, there was only darkness around them. Lizzy and Tessa sat on the conveyor belt as it whirred and clicked, carrying them off to who knows where. They had left Wonka far behind, and while they certainly hadn't been even remotely safe while in his care, somehow his absence made them feel even more vulnerable.

“Lizzy...” Tessa huffed between heavy breaths. “F-feel so strange... help...” She didn't need to see to know that she was still growing, her pink body tingling all over as it swelled bigger and bigger in the darkness. She could feel herself swelling in all directions, becoming so fat and fluffy and... and sensitive. Every nerve tingled with arousal as her pink marshmallow flesh spread along the surface of the conveyor belt. “Ohh god...” Her pudgy fingers clenched and unclenched as they sank deeper and deeper into the soft fluffiness that was her growing body.

But Lizzy had her own problems to deal with. During her flight alongside the conveyor belt she had been dragged past a vat of chocolate, spilling its contents over her pants. Now in the darkness she could feel the thick liquid on her legs, only there was something strange about it. It was warm and viscous, and seemed to be moving like something alive. “Wh-what?” she said as she tried to brush the chocolate off her pants, only to feel it bubble and cling to her fingers. “Get off!” It was spreading now, up her thighs, around her torso, the thick warm chocolate dissolving her clothing where it touched, leaving her body hot and cold at the same time. And through it all, she could feel her body start to shift and change alongside it.

Then the darkness melted away as the two changing girls were brought into a new wing of the bakery, this one huge and sweet smelling, the aroma of icing and baked bread wafting up to them. But neither Tessa nor Lizzy were in any state to appreciate all the delicious baked goods on display below. Nor did they notice the huge pastry that had taken up a prominent position in the room, a former friend and tour member who had transformed into a decadent, dim, and delicious-looking dessert.

“Oversized marshmallow peep detected,” a mechanical voice called from the speakers overhead. “Risk of clogging imminent. Transfer to peep room immediately.” Tessa heard the words, but had no idea what it was referring to until she saw mechanical arms descend from the ceiling and surround her. It was at that moment that she realized the factory thought the oversized marshmallow peep was her! She tried to protest but her lips had swollen too big and puffy for her to make any sounds other than a muffled yell. “Mmmph!” she cried as she felt the cool mechanical arms wrap around her fat sensitive body. They lifted her off the conveyor belt and took her to the appropriate room for the marshmallow peep she had become, leaving Lizzie alone on the conveyor belt to contend with the strange chocolate organism, while far below, the gigantic pastry sat and thought its fluffy pastry thoughts.

Story by b-ridge
Artwork by Altercomics-Andrestronik

High resolution (8393x6408)

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