A Tour Gone Wrong: Five by Five

Jackie scrunched up her face in confusion when she heard herself speak.

“Hurr?” she said, “What's wrooooong with moooooy voice?” The group watched in horror as Jackie's body continued its slow change before their eyes. Growing bigger... and stranger... Her fattening breasts popped free of her top, and she let out a surprised cry. “MrRROOOO!” she said in alarm, before clapping hands to her shifting face. But it was too late. Everyone had heard it, and there was no mistaking the sound she had made.

“Note to self,” Wonka said under his breath. “Must remember to cut back on the Bovine Growth Hormone we use in our dairy farm.”

“Noooo,” moaned Jackie, as fur began to spread along her body. “I'm noooot a coooooow.” But even as she said that, another thought crossed her mind – god, her tits felt full. Maybe a nice milking wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...

Meanwhile, Kendra's body had all but finished rounding out, completing her transformation into a big blueberry woman. A part of her was terrified about what had happened to her, but to her surprise, a much larger part of her found the change to... feel pretty good, actually. Every nerve in her big blue body felt like it was electrified. So sensitive to the touch, so hot...

“Sooo juicy,” she breathed, eyelids fluttering closed in ecstasy. “Oh godddd, I'm gonna... I'm gonna...” With an orgasmic cry, blue juice spurted from Kendra's nipples, spilling against the factory floor. Wonka regarded her for a moment, pursing his lips.

“Well, I certainly think she's ready to be juiced.” He turned to the Oompa Loompas and nodded. The little orange men nodded back, then surrounded the blueberry woman, making sure to step around the growing puddle she was creating. With a heave, they began rolling her out of the room.

Stephanie watched all this in horrified fascination as she took a sip from the drink she had swiped from earlier in the tour. Sure, it probably didn't seem like a smart idea to be drinking from a factory whose products had already transformed four other girls, but those had been experimental prototypes. This "Frutti Booti" drink had come from the cafeteria. Surely there couldn't be anything wrong with that, right?

As if in answer, she heard her belly give a little gurgle...

Story by b-ridge
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (5100x3300)

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