A Tour Gone Wrong: Six Degrees of Transformation

“W-wroooonka,” Jackie pleaded as her body continued to swell and bloat. “Help moooooo! I'm.... I'm noooooot a coooow...” But despite her pleading, there was no denying what she was becoming. Fur grew, fat thickened, and bones shifted as Jackie grew more and more bovine with each passing moment. Clothing tore from her bulky body, and she was finding it increasingly difficult to stay upright on two feet. “Mrooo!” she cried as she fell forward, her front hooves connecting with the hard factory floor. This was all wrong. She needed help. She was scared. And hungry. Some grass... that would calm her down. If she ate grass, then maybe things wouldn't be so bad... wait... what was she saying? Grass? That wasn't right... was it? Damn, why was it so hard for her to think properly? “Mrooo?” she said, eyes blinking rapidly. “Mooooo?”

“What's happening now? Why is she acting like that?” said Tessa, taking a nervous step backwards from the mooing cow-woman. Wonka pursed his lips thoughtfully.

“Hmmm, I'm guessing that her mental state is changing along with her body,” he finally said. “Her thoughts are becoming more cow-like.”

“That's horrible,” Tessa said, taking another step back from her former friend. Unfortunately, she didn't look where she was going, and lost her balance. “Whoah!” She fell backwards, landing on one of the factory's conveyor belts. She managed to break her fall, but not before one of the machine's nozzles sprayed her with a misty pink substance. The moment it did, her whole body began to feel strange and... tingly. However, before anyone could notice Tessa's mishap, their attention was drawn to a loud ripping noise coming from Stephanie. They turned to see the redhead looking down in panic at her body, which had torn through her dress, revealing a thick green ass and thighs.

“Wonka!” Stephanie cried. “What's happening to me? All I did was take a sip from that soft-drink of yours.”

“Ah yes!” he said excitedly. “Frutti Booti! The drink designed to give you a, erm, 'bootylicious' figure.” He sighed. “Unfortunately, the boys at R and D took me too literally when I asked for a drink that would give people a pear shape...”

Jackie let out another moo of distress. Her thoughts were feeling so sluggish now. She knew she had to focus on her situation, on what was going on, but her mind kept drifting. Thoughts of sitting in a field, chewing on grass. Or having rough hands grasp her udder and give her a good milking. Or... or being led out to pasture to join the other cows and bulls...

“Mrooooo...” she bellowed dully as her mind settled comfortably into a bovine dimness. That got Wonka's attention once again.

“Hmm, I think she's ready to be taken to the Wonka Farms.” He played a sharp note in his flute, and more Loompas emerged, ready to lead Jackie to her new life...

Story by b-ridge
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (5100x3300)

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