A Tour Gone Wrong: The Tour Group of Seven

Lizzy couldn't believe what she was seeing. What had started out as a fun factory tour had quickly turned into a nightmare when her best friend Shawna had transformed into a huge pastry before her eyes. Lizzy hadn't even had time to process that before another girl fell victim to the tour. Then another. Then another. And now...

“Oh god, I f-feel so heavy...” Stephanie moaned as she ran her hands along her huge green thighs. She certainly LOOKED heavy. Her body was growing in front of everyone's eyes, getting greener and riper as she continued to turn into a pear. Lizzy gasped as a leafy green stem sprouted from the top of Stephanie's head. The changing pear woman reached up with increasingly stubby arms and felt the alien protrusion, her eyes growing wide.

“N-no... I'm not a pear...” She started to run for the exit. “I'm not a pear!”

“Stephanie! Wait!” Lizzy cried, but she needn't have bothered. The pear woman didn't get very far. After three lumbering steps, Stephanie looked too exhausted to go any further. She collapsed with a heavy crash on her large behind, panting heavily.

“Hmm...” Wonka said as he regarded the still-growing fruit woman. “Moving her will prove to be a challenge. I may have to pay my Loompas time-and-a-half. Fortunately, Tessa here has made things much easier for everyone!”

“What?” Lizzy said. “What do you... oh no.” Lizzy turned and saw Tessa, lying on the conveyor belt. Not her too. Lizzy ran over to her. Tessa had grown huge and fat and pink.

No... not fat, Lizzy realized as she regarded the other woman. She was puffy. Her whole body seemed to be soft, like the marshmallow peeps that were on the conveyor belt next to her.

Lizzy watched in horror as Tessa grasped her belly and let out a cry of dismay... tinged with arousal.

“Tessa, what happened to you?” Lizzy asked. The marshmallow woman looked up at her.

“Lizzy,” she huffed. “My whole body... sooo tingly all over... feels so strange...” She was still moving along the conveyor belt, Lizzy saw. The conveyor belt that stretched the length of the room before disappearing into parts unknown. “You have to get up,” Lizzy cried. She watched the marshmallow woman try to lift herself before falling back down. It was no use, she was just too huge, and the conveyor belt wasn't stopping. Tessa reached out a hand and held Lizzy in a surprisingly firm grip.

“Lizzy,” she moaned. “Help... so big...”

“Tessa! Hey! Let go!” Lizzy screamed, but Tessa didn't seem to be listening as she rubbed her pudgy hand along her pink belly and gave another aroused moan. Lizzy could only watch helplessly as she was dragged along with Tessa by the pull of the conveyor belt, spilling a vat of liquid chocolate in the process. Lizzy cast one look back at the Loompas surrounding Stephanie before Tessa pulled her into the darkness of the rooms beyond.

She was too preoccupied to notice the chocolate that had spilled on her, and how it seemed to move as if it had a life of its own...

Story by b-ridge
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (5100x3300)

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