A Tour Gone Wronger

The other tour members could do nothing but watch as Shawna grew and grew, her doughy body expanding and taking on the shape of a fat and fluffy pastry.

"Mmm..." Shawna mumbled dreamily, "m'sooo big. Sooo fluffy."

"What's happening to her now?" asked Lizzy in alarm. "Why's she speaking like that?"

"Well," began Wonka thoughtfully, "it seems that her mind is beginning to adapt to her new body, taking on a consistency that's every bit as fluffy as her body has become. Truly fascinating." As if to confirm this, the gigantic pastry woman let out a dull moan and gave her bloated body an almost sensual wriggle.

As the girls stared at Shawna in shock and disbelief, Mona shifted uncomfortably and sucked all the more eagerly on her cherry-red lollipop. She had swiped it from the crate during all the confusion and chaos. Sure, the batch was apparently off-limits, but they just looked too good to resist... and Mona was never one to resist temptation. Even now, with all the horror unfolding, the lollipop's cherry flavour washed over Mona and calmed her nerves. She sucked and licked it with growing eagerness, revelling in its candy-coated sweetness.

However, as she worked the candy along her tongue, her body began to react to the unconventional ingredients used in this highly-experimental prototype. Mona's expression turned to one of confusion as she felt her whole body gurgle, suddenly feeling very tight. She looked down and let out a gasp as she saw her belly begin to poke out from underneath her shirt, larger than it had ever been before, and spotting a sticky red sheen that seemed oddly familiar...

Story by b-ridge
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (3300x5100)

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