A True Inflatable Kunoichi

While waiting for her final duel with Yoko, Rio waits in the same place they had fought for the title of "Balloon Warrior" when she sees another woman with a bottle of heliomammary potion between her breasts. The woman beckoned Rio over and introduced herself as Utane before offering to share a drink with Rio so that they both could inflate.

After the two ladies enjoyed the pleasure of their breasts inflating, Utane, with a perverted look in her eyes, punctured a small hole in Rio's breasts with a single poke from her finger before she began sucking out Rio's helium.

Rio, unable to react in time, could only moan in sexual pleasure and fondle Utane's chest as Utane inflated far bigger than Rio thought possible of any Balloon Warrior. Rio felt a strange, flustered smile cross her face at the prospect of having met another woman with the same love for huge boobs as herself.

Story by Satoshi
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (3300x5100)

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