A Witch's Law

"...and since the defendant continues to claim that she would use magic to help people with their physical inadequacies, the verdict can only be fraud. If there were magic, the defendant is welcome to demonstrate it."

The prosecutor ended her plea. The witch sighed. So that was how things were going to be.

"Madam prosecutor, my magic can help people who are overweight or underweight. It can also correct other physical problems. There's a give and take about it. Lately I've helped a lot with weight loss. Allow me to demonstrate the ‘give.'" The witch twirled her finger.

While nothing happened at first, the prosecutor felt a pinching, as if her clothing was too tight. Shortly thereafter, her stomach responded with a loud growl. Even as she looked around, embarrassed, her stomach and breasts began to grow and bulge out of her tight suit. The prosecutor let out a surprised yell as her buttocks also enlarged massively and she lost her balance. Finally, her arms and legs swelled up too. After the spell was finished, the prosecutor sat on the floor with her new, massive, fat body, only slightly covered by the remains of her clothing and unable to move.

"Enough!" yelled the judge. "This is a contempt of court and will result in a fine. I refuse to put on such a show."

Now the witch had finally had enough. "I see I can't please you, Your Honor. Let's try something else."

Another twirl of the finger and the judge clutched her chest.

"What is happening to my boobs and why does my head feel so light?" she asked as her chest expanded massively and burst out of her robes.

"Your Honor, I think the matter is too complicated for you. I have therefore taken the liberty of simplifying your thinking a bit and giving you beautiful huge breasts in return. Wouldn't it be nicer to absolve me now and play with your new sensitive nipples? The spell should have made you horny enough already."

"I..." The judge banged her gavel on the table. "The case is, like, closed. The accused is ac… acquit… free! The court has, like, other thingies to do now. Tee hee!"

Story by callrudy
Artwork by Horacio Domingues, Slasher

High resolution (3988x3400)

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