ASMR Gone Wrong

ASMR was supposed to bring enjoyable sensations, but this was unlike any trigger Stephanie had ever felt. She couldn't stifle a moan as her body was racked with an unfamiliar feeling. A fullness in her bust, a feeling almost like stretching in her skin, a pleasurable pulsing radiating out from her chest... It was so strange, but yet...

"Holy shit!" Erica's voice snapped Stephanie's attention away from the sensations for a moment as she looked back at the two friends.

Sitting up against the bed, Erica's hands fell from her headset to cup her bosom; her shirt pushing outward from within as her chest strained against her bra. Steph's eyes went wide at the sight of her friend's swelling orbs, only for her gaze to drift up and realize that Steph wasn't the only one. Lifting herself up on one arm, Melanie's hand ran along her side as she, too, realized her curves were ballooning out; her pants creaking as her rear grew.

The three of them were dumbfounded, before the redhead's gaze drifted up toward the pulsing glow of the statuette Steph had been tapping on. Erica's shocked expression said it all. Melanie's voice was breathy, her hand sliding up to cup a pair of breasts that felt so sensually swollen, "What's going on...? How...!?"

"I-I don't know!" Steph's breasts heaved as she looked down at herself, seeing just how much deeper her cleavage plunged in her tank top, "It's this...thing!"

She tried to let go of the statuette, but a sudden, intense wave of pleasure hit her before she could; her breasts surging out further and her hand clenching around the statuette. How was this even possible? It was just supposed to be a chill ASMR video with friends, but THIS? What were they supposed to do, and when was this going to stop?

Story by NaomiofMontferrat
Artwork by Altercomics-FRANTIC

High resolution (4500x3020)

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