An Incident with Magical Buildup

When the day started, none of the fairy godparents could imagine what would be coming to them that day. But, of course, everything went south when a pair of godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, granted their godchild Timmy a wish that everyone on earth looked exactly the same. Unfortunately, this wish had the unintended consequence of Magical Buildup. Most of the time, Blonda was a fairy godparent to Trixie. Today, however, they were sailing, and Trixie didn’t need Blonda very much, so she was helping at a reception desk in fairyworld, which only had calls or visits once every thousand years. Blonda, thinking it wouldn’t be hectic, gave Trixie a magic cell phone to contact her if she needed anything and reminded her to call every so often to grant a wish. She had just granted a wish for some chocolates when suddenly her computer monitor started to change colors rapidly. She had never seen it happen, and when fairies started appearing in the Fairyworld hall, she knew something was up. Becky had been flying around an empty park on another world with her fairy-godchild, Maddy, having a truly splendid time for a while.

“Becky, can we go home now?” Maddy asked.

“Fine by me, I am your fairy godparent after all,” Becky replied, waving her wand. Then, in a cloud of pink smoke, Becky and Maddy disappeared from the park and appeared back in her bedroom.

“Now,” Maddy continued, “I want a pony!” Becky didn’t have to think twice about the request.

“Absolutely!” She said, and raised her wand, but before she could grant the wish Maddy vanished. Dumbfounded, Becky just sat in Maddy’s room until she was suddenly teleported to Fairyworld. Tootie was having a great time as a fairy, granting wishes to her godchild, Penelope. Penelope had just wished for a pile of candy when suddenly she turned into an amorphous grey blob and vanished. Tootie knew something was wrong. She tried everything that she could to find Penelope, but she couldn’t find her. Tootie felt a growing worry set in her stomach when suddenly, Tootie teleported to Fairyworld. Cosmo and Wanda had immediately lost track of their godchild after the wish took effect. They teleported around, trying to find him in vain. Suddenly another fairy looking for their godchild teleported near Cosmo and Wanda.

“Have you seen Chet? I can’t find him anywhere!” The fairy cried out at Cosmo and Wanda.

“No, we haven’t,” Wanda replied, “have you seen Timmy?” The other fairy didn’t have time to reply as all three fairies were teleported away to Fairyworld.

There was complete pandemonium when the fairies started appearing in Fairyworld. There were many fairies worryingly asking each other what they were all doing when they got teleported away.

“I was granting a wish for a pony!” said Becky.

“I was granting a wish for donuts!” said another fairy.

“I was granting a wish for a pile of candy!” Tootie chimed in. Cosmo, not wanting to miss the declaration of activities, shouted,

“That’s odd, we were just granting a wish where everything and everyone in the world looked exactly the same!” As Cosmo was shouting his and Wanda’s activities to the other fairies, the other fairies got quieter and quieter until they were all silently glaring at Cosmo and Wanda.

“What?” Wanda asked, “Did we do something wrong?”

“YES!” the crowd of fairies shouted in unison.

“It causes a major fluctuation in the magical space continuum flux!” Wanda’s sister, Blonda, angrily spat. Cosmo and Wanda looked confused. “Because of what you did,” Blonda continued, “all of the kids look exactly the same, and the fairies can’t find their kids! Do you know what happens when a fairy can’t grant wishes for their kids?” Almost on cue, a nearby fairy started shaking and sweating uncontrollably.

“AAH!” The fairy screamed, followed immediately by a loud FWOOMP! It was almost as if the fairy was suddenly attached to a bike pump, and someone started to pump it. “I feel!” FWOOMP! “All!” FWOOMP! “Explodey!” the fairy yelled between the pumps. Tootie was all too familiar with what was happening, and she screamed as the fairy continued their inflation.

“Oh no! Magical buildup! That only happens when fairies can’t grant wishes for their kids!”

“Exactly!” smirked Blonda, knowing she had an escape route with the phone Trixie had. She reached into her pocket, grabbed the phone, and texted Trixie, “Trix, I need you to make a wish, dear.” and hit send. The phone beeped at her but, upon inspection, the phone couldn’t send the message. Her heart dropped, and the smirk on her face vanished instantly.

“What’s with….” Becky started but got cut off when the first fairy exploded into a cloud of pink fairy dust that looked almost like confetti as it fell into a pile on the ground. The fairy’s eyes, nose, and mouth cartoonishly fell on top of the pile of confetti, and their eyes blinked, signifying they were at least still alive.

“Fortunately, it’s somewhat reversible.” The exploded fairy said, “If those fairies that granted the stupid wish can reverse it, it should be enough to stop the magical buildup.” Just then, multiple other fairies started shaking and inflating in the same manner. The fairies were pumping almost in rhythm with each other. The room instantly filled with FWOOMPs, groaning, explosions, and spherical-growing fairies. They didn’t know it, but Tootie, Becky, and Blonda could all feel the same sensation growing within them, a sensation of emptiness and pressure at the same time.

“Uhh, what am I supposed to do?” Tootie asked as she started sweating and shaking. Blonda, noting the funny feeling inside her, replied,

“I have heard of legends of people withstanding the building magic, but I have never seen anyone hold it off myself.” Blonda was now starting to shake, but Becky, even though sweating and shaking, was defiant.

“Well, you’re about to, missy!” She confidently stated. Tootie’s heart dropped, and suddenly she could feel the pressure mount inside her. FWOOMP! Tootie's body swelled forward.

“S-someone!” she cried as another FWOOMP! overcamer her. “Please-” FWOOMP! “Help me!”





With each FWOOMP! Tootie got larger and larger, rounder and rounder, with more and more pressure building within her, her breasts swelling slightly with each FWOOMP!

Becky wasn't far behind Tootie with her own inflation, either.


“Oooh!” yelled Becky as her body started to balloon out. “Can’t really-” FWOOMP! “Help y-you-” FWOOMP! “Out here!” FWOOMP!

“HHNNNNGGG!” Becky yelled between the pumps, trying to control her inflation to the best of her ability, but unfortunately her attempts at control were causing her breasts to swell more prominently than Tootie’s. FWOOMP! Blonda’s body and breasts billowed out larger than either Tootie’s or Becky’s with its first pump.

“Holy-!” FWOOMP! “I’ve got to-!” FWOOMP! “try to contain-!” FWOOMP! “myself!” FWOOMP! Blonda said as she inflated, seemingly with some control over herself. The three fairy ladies were now deep in a case of magical buildup. All three were large and spherical, with large bumps for breasts. Tootie was by far the largest, followed by Betty, and then Blonda, and the FWOOMPs weren’t stopping. The only thing that could’ve helped them was granting a wish for their godchild. Tootie was especially reaching her limit.


“HA! HNNNGG!” FWOOMP! "Eeekk! S-so... b-b-biggg!” FWOOMP! “GAAAHH!” FWOOMP! “I don’t-” FWOOMP! “H-H-HOW... MUCH M-MO-” FWOOMP! “More I can... TAKE!” Screamed Tootie as her body pumped up and groaned, getting closer and closer to her limit.


Becky knew trying to control her pumping was futile, but she wanted to have a sense of control over something during this time.

“I wish-” FWOOMP! “Maddy was here-” FWOOMP! “So I could-” FWOOMP! “Fix myself!” FWOOMP! Becky was getting pumped bigger and bigger, rounder and rounder, closer and closer to the inevitable end.

Blonda, surprisingly, was quiet at the moment, having all but surrendered to the powers of magical buildup. She only thought to herself between FWOOMPs, why, of all days- FWOOMP!- did her phone not want to work -FWOOMP!- on the day she got- FWOOMP!- magical- FWOOMP!- freaking buildup!?


Blonda’s body was considerably smaller than Tootie's, but only marginally smaller than Becky’s, and she made up for it with the size of her breasts. Where the other lady’s body inflated predominately with a little breast, Blonda’s breasts were closing in on matching the entire rest of her body.'s size.

Becky, Blonda, and Tootie all seemed to have some semblance of control over their body’s rate of inflation until- BOOM!- a mint-colored fairy suspiciously close to Becky exploded, sending a shockwave across their bodies, moving them slightly apart.


“Oooh!” FWOOMP! Tootie screamed.


“Hnnng!” FWOOMP! Becky grunted.


“Haaahnng!” FWOOMP! Blonda yelled.

The ladies lost any control they thought they had over their bodies, swelling bigger and bigger with each FWOOMP!, their bodies pumping up almost in tandem, now.

FWOOMP! Larger. FWOOMP! And larger.

FWOOMP! Rounder. FWOOMP! And rounder.

FWOOMP! Closer. FWOOMP! And closer to the inevitable end.


Tootie was the first of the trio to explode, bursting into a beautiful cloud of purple fairy dust. Her explosion sent a shockwave into Blonda first, who pumped up more than she ever had, stalling at her grandest size for a moment-

BOOM! Blonda was the second to go, exploding into a lustrous cloud of yellow fairy dust, Becky feeling the shockwaves of both Tootie and Blonda.


“Take that, blondie!” FWOOMP! “I am the best!” FWOOMP! “Fairy here!” FWOOMP! “What do you have to say about-"


Becky’s sentence was cut short when she exploded into a radiant cloud of maroon fairy dust.

It wasn’t until they had all exploded that the ladies noticed an absence of Cosmo and Wanda. At this point, all they could do was hope they went looking for Timmy and got him to un-wish the wish before all the other fairies exploded...

Story by Bjothemaster
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (3200x4859)

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