Attack of the Blimp

Harley Quinn and her awesome girlfriend Poison Ivy settled down to watch some "Tammy!" since they'd had a long day (and there was going to be a special guest on the show). As the show began, the TV started acting funny.

"What the fuck?" Harley shouted with her bat ready to go. "The reception in this mall sucks! Who's idea was it to make this the hideout?!"

Ivy gave Harley a look. "You did," she said with her trademark snark. Harley shook the TV and hit it a few times to make it work. "Maybe Sy can fix it," suggested Ivy.

However, the signal came back all on its own... with a funny-looking fat man on the screen. Ivy tried to switch over to something else, but the fat man appeared on every channel.

"Listen up, citizens of the world," the fat man said boastingly, "I am the Blimp and I have come to rob all of you and there's nothing you can do about it!" The Blimp then stuck his tongue out in an oddly childish manner.

Harley and Ivy looked confused about this odd declaration. "Why is he just announcing that he's robbing everyone like some kind of asshole?" asked Ivy.

"He should be worried about his outfit. That is too much purple for him," added Harley.

The Blimp suddenly revealed a gun that was connected to a set of broadcasting machinery. "Behold! With this device, I shall achieve my goal. This is a really special device that needs a fuck-ton of helium that was really hard to find... but it was worth it." The Blimp then activated the device, which responded with a flurry of noises.

"Wait... why does he need helium for a gun?" Harley wondered.

"I bet you're wondering why I need helium for a gun," The Blimp said in a mischievous tone. "I'll show you." The Blimp pointed his gun at a cat, pulled the trigger, and emitted a ray that almost instantly inflated the cat.

"Holy shit!" Harley and Ivy shouted in unison.

The cat floated upwards and off camera.

"Now I'm going to use this gun on a global level and you'll all be too helpless to stop me as I rob you all blind!" He then connected the gun to the broadcasting equipment before turning his attention back to the camera. "Time for ya'll to blow up!" Another flurry of noises could he heard as The Blimp flipped a switch. "With some minor tinkering, I have developed a method that will allow me to transmit my ray through all radio, TV, or online broadcasts!"

Harley and Ivy looked to each other in concern, each wondering if this madman could actually inflate people through their televisions or computers. "I say it's bullshit," Harley stated uncertainly.

The Blimp's ray quickly proved her wrong as Harley and Ivy are hit by the ray. As soon as the beam hit them, they began to rapidly inflate. "What's happening?" Haley screamed. Harley and Ivy continued to inflate... and their clothes didn't fair well. Harley's top began to slip up her chest thanks to her expanding breasts looking like a pair of yoga balls. Ivy wasn't doing much better.

"That purple fuck is dead!" Ivy declared angrilly.

Even as the two of them continued to get bigger and bigger, their bodies both became lighter and lighter. Soon enough they'd begun to float upward like the blimps they were. Thankfully, Ivy managed to summon some vines to grab them before they floated all the way up to the mall's ceiling.

"I swear to god I'm going to rip his fat head off!" Ivy growled as her breasts burst out of her top.

"Hey... do you think this will wear off or something?" Harley asked in a now-chipmunk-like voice.

"Harley. I don't know if you can tell, but I am shrugging."

The two of them just floated around waiting for something else to happen and all that they could hear was The Blimp's maniacal laughter on the TV.

Story by Garbo_96
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4500)

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