Baker's Dozen

Pier had never had an issue with the teasing he got from the curvy witches. He knew them all well, and enjoyed the company of most of them in private. However, since being bonded to the self-proclaimed demon "Queen of Lust," Pier had gone from being a skilled baker working for the witch spectre called Chefy (he frequently enjoyed her buns) to being a semi-powerful magic user in his own right. Ashema the Demon's lustful powers were at his beck and call, and one rub-up too many from Smithy finally pushed him far enough to consider abusing that power... much to Ashema's glee. Using her power, he merely had to snap his fingers and Smithy, Chefy, Enchantress, and Libby’s busts all swelled up to the point Beshine would look small.

As the lust washed over them, Xena arrived. She instantly sensed the use of magic, but Pier was in no mood to indulge her white-knighting. With another snap, Xena's ass erupted, bursting from her armor until it was like a massive throne of green and pinning Xena to the ground. Xena's complaints were blocked out by all her ass-flesh as Pier took his seat upon it. Ashema then joined him, appearing from seemingly thin air.

“Seems I’m just in time,” she giggled, floating over to Pier. “But maybe… you need to match up…” Ashema gave his cheek a kiss before he groaned, his genitals swelling until his cock was bigger than himself, thick, and pulsing hard.

“Ladies… he’s shivering. Maybe you should all… wrap him up nice and warm?” The other witches (not completely against the situation) came up and quashed their four sets of green breasts against his cock, leaving only part of the head uncovered.

Pier spoke up. “I think… you need to help too, hun!” Pier snapped his fingers again, and Ashema's breasts swelled up to probably half the size of the witches' before she chuckled. Floating up to the tip of the penis, she slowly teased his cock head.

“I could get used to this…” Pier muttered, resting back on Xena’s ass and giving it a hardy spank as he enjoyed his harem.

Story by Ondan Fifal
Artwork by StudioArieta-Tong

High resolution (3300x4960)

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