Battle for the Crown

Pier found himself shoved onto a bed looking up at the two ladies.

“He’s my husband and only I get to PUMP him up” Ashema said as Pier groaned. Uttering the word "pump" made his cock surge hard and grow, pumping his balls up as well.

Ashema and Xena stripped off their clothes.

“You are all ass and nothing else,” said Ashema.

“All ass? My tits can handle more than yours ever will,” Xena responded as the two ladies took the milk tank hoses.

“We’ll see,” Ashema responded as they bit down on the hoses and milk started to flow.

“Ladies… there's enough-”

“Pump!” both ladies said through muffled lips as Pier's cock surged bigger. He wondered just how big he was going to get as the ladies' breasts started growing while they glugged down the milk. Their tits swelled bigger and bigger until he could basically only see the green tits pressed against that pale demon skin, his cock, rock-solid, held between them.

The pair stopped sucking on the milk.

“Giving… up already?” Ashema said with a pant in her voice.

“No… are you?”

“Ladies, can-”

“PUMP!” the two cut off Pier and he felt the surge as his cock grew until it was popping out between those giant breasts. He took a few breaths before laying back to just enjoy his ‘predicament.'

Story by Ondan Fifal
Artwork by ArtSteady-Andrea Errico

High resolution (3508x4961)

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