Beelzebub's Newest Fan

Nick never took the occult seriously. He would admit the sigils associated with it were cool looking. As a joke he decided to get the sigil of Beelzebub, Demon Prince of Gluttony, tattooed on his gut.

After it fully healed he jokingly asked Beelzebub to make him fatter. He loved being fat and he loved eating. He said it half jokingly, not expecting anything of it.

Suddenly his tattoo got warm. His weight (330 lbs) nearly tripled (to over 800) in under five minutes and caused his shirt to shred, exposing the sigil tattoo on his gut, which was now glowing. His skin and hair were a pale turquoise color and he had a long tail growing from his back.

He looked at himself in a mirror. His irises were a vibrant green and the whites of his eyes were pure black. His mouth was full of triangular shark-like teeth. On top of the sudden and weird change, Nick now suddenly had a huge appetite nothing in his fridge could sate.

He suddenly transformed back into his human self, complete with a new set of clothes. "That's a helpful trick to have," he said to himself as he grabbed his keys and waddled out into the night.

Story by iron-ninja27
Artwork by Altercomics-Gabriel Rearte

High resolution (3511x5109)

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