Betting Debts

"Oh man, you've won again..." Trixi pouted as she handed Mali the wad of cash.

Mali laughed. "Hey, you're the one who got to choose our destination and location! You even chose the overcrowded subway because you thought it would keep our victim from having a quick orgasm!"

"Pah! Who'd have guessed that this inconspicuous girl would've climaxed so quickly? Plus, it was unfair of you to charm her with huge breasts AND super-sensitive nipples! No wonder I lost!" Despite her words, Trixi only felt simple amusement at their plight of their chosen victim.

Mali laughed again. "Well, the rules are that we’ve got no rules! What do you say; do you want a rematch? This 'inconspicuous girl' is still here for us and ready to go again!"

Trixi grinned conspiratorially before nodding quickly. "You bet!"

Story by callrudy
Artwork by Horacio Domingues, Slasher

High resolution (2646x4272)

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