Big Breasted Hot Yoga

As he walked on from helping the other guy out, a heaviness weighed on the man with the ring's crotch. He came to the gym to have some fun... and noticed a yoga studio right away. With dreams of hot coeds fucking him, he walked to the door, two figures visible just inside. As he opened the frosted glass door, the man was shocked to see two older women talking before class. Not exactly the hot steamy sex he wanted, but the ring seemed to fill in his blank stare.

The two were waiting for a private session. Both were well over 40 and, after kids, not much interested in any sex. This would be a shame if the powers of the ring did not also inform him that both had already cheated on their husbands at least once. Not that it was hard, their men were so busy they didn't seem to notice. While a shame, the man with the ring figured he could toy around a bit. The ring gave him control of the room as he whipped off his tight shirt. Striding in with his muscle and packed shorts on display, he went directly to the head of the mostly-empty class.

The two women stopped cold and stared at the hunk now in front of them.

"You're not... our usual... oh my goodness."


"Ladies, how about a change of pace?"

The staring (and now drooling) women both nodded. The ring must have been working overtime, since they didn't yell or call the cops; they just walked back to their positions as their new "teacher" took them through a few poses that had the women staring thirstily at his crotch more than his poses.

"See anything you like?" He asked, smirking.

"It's not real... is it?"

He walked up close to her and spoke with a quiet yet commanding voice.

"I'm not into antiques. So, let's fix you two up."

The women felt their whole bodies warm up, horniness creeping through them as their bodies tightened. The first woman felt her tits climb back up, firming up to F cups, her nipples hard and yearning. Her pussy was rapidly losing twenty years and two kids' worth of wear and tear as the second woman felt her tits balloon into firm and perky D cups. She removed her baggy clothes to find her skin-tight underwear showing off her new body. She pulled her bottoms out with a thumb to see her own pussy was now years younger... while her other hand inspected the man's massive cock.
"You two just want to look, or do you want to get physical? You're thinking it's impossible, huh?"

"How did you do this?" The first woman asked. He held up the ring, and she felt her breast expand past G cups, then J, then O and off the alphabet. They kept enlarging, causing her to bend forward as they approached the size of yoga balls.
"Now, how about a few rolls on those?"

He moaning as he got behind her and she rocked back and forth on her giant tits. As the first woman, now a certifiable MILF, did reps, the second woman looked on in envy, even though her MILF status was equally assured.

As they finished, the second MILF felt her body change, her breasts also beginning to grow. Though not as large, the succulent basketball-sized tits were nonetheless fondled as she stretched. A few minutes later, the Man led her to the downward dog position, him taking position behind her and hard as a rock. His submarine-sized rod penetrated her from the rear as they both enjoyed the thrusting. The first MILF, busy trapped upon her sensitive breasts, got her own pang of jealousy as MILF two milked his enormous cock.

After finishing up inside the second MILF, the man went back to the original MILF, the former's envy flaring despite copious amounts of the man's spunk still leaking from her rear.

"What's so great about her wrecking-ball tits?" She asked. He just smiled as he lined up in front of her rival's tits.

"Want a pair?"

Her back arched before she'd even answered, her breasts beginning to enlarge to watermelon-like sizes as the Man vigorously fucked his way through MILF One's latest turn.

After the allotted "class" time was up, the guy figured they'd need to go home soon, so he changed them one last time to oversexed (but more realistic) sizes. The two inspected their new bodies as he sat down, satisfied with his work... but the women's self-inspection stopped as they stared back at the monstrously endowed hunk. Both got down on all fours and crawled back for a short encore.

Story by buckeye5
Artwork by Victor Serra

High resolution (3300x5099)

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