Big Graf Zeppelin

After discovering her love of cosplay, Mari was a bit confused at why making people, things, or herself as big as possible always seemed to give her a thrill more easily than anything else. Wanting to surprise her girlfriend Amy, she donned the costume of Amy's favourite character: Graf Zeppelin of "Azur Lane" fame.

When Amy saw Mari in the bedroom with the very big and very loose cosplay draped onto her small, lanky frame, she was confused. As soon as Mari placed the hose into the valve located in her stomach, however, and the room filled with the sounds of pressurized air, it quickly became much more obvious what was happening. Mari's body grew, filling out the costume more and more as Amy watched in disbelief as her girlfriend blossomed. Mari's height increased, reaching the roof in moments, and her chest, hips, and thighs all filled out magnificently, creating a massive, overinflated hourglass figure few could match. Before long, the excess bulk all began to start overflowing even the hugely oversized costume.

Once satisfied, Mari reached to close the valve, not wanting to overdo it... but a firm grip stopped her as Amy insisted that she had a little while to go before she reached Graf Zeppelin's "max stats". Mari felt her airy form being pushed back onto the bed as Amy all but jumped forward, landing atop Mari's rapidly inflating body. The feeling of her seemingly shrinking girlfriend was quite amazing, and Mari cradled her lover as she felt her costume grow and the room tighten around them, not knowing how much more air was in the tank.

Story by Marmota12
Artwork by Vincenzo Sansone, Slasher

High resolution (2751x4175)

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