Big and Blue

From an outsider's perspective, retired AV idol Hitomi Tanaka and decorated Interpol officer Chun-Li made for an unlikely pair of friends, but good luck convincing them of that!

One day, as the two made their way through a park, Hitomi took out two blueberry-flavored gumballs.

"Hey, want a gumball?"

"I would love one! Thanks!"

The two started to chew the gumball. A couple seconds later, they both started to blow huge bubbles... and they both started to turn blue.

"Wow! Your skin is starting to match the blue of your outfit!" Hitomi exclaimed between chews.

"So are you!" Chun-Li added worriedly as the addictive flavor forced her to chew further.

"Well, at least no one is around!"

Hitomi's attempt at to seek out a silver lining was then met with the sudden inflation of their bellies. However, even as the rest of their figures followed their bellies and began to swell in size, Hitomi couldn't help but see the positive side of things. "I don't know about you... but all this jigging and growing is really starting to turn me on!" Hitomi panted in obvious arousal.

"Y-yeah... I am starting to feel the same..." Chun-Li agreed with uncharacteristic meekness.

Eventually, their gumballs would run out of flavoring and their respective transformations would finally conclude with them both size of a house.

"Ohhh... I wish this would never end! I need another gumball! I want to get bigger and rounder!"

"I... I want the same! A-and I want to be all around round! Like a ball! Like the blueberries that we are!"

The sounds of their moaning would echo throughout the park for several hours before the transformed pair of women would be discovered.

Story by guiterman80s
Artwork by Altercomics-Giribaldi

High resolution (4500x3000)

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