Bimbo Mode

Rika dived into another dimension. However, unbeknownst to her, it was a highly different dimension compared to others.

Before reading about the world, she once again quickly form changed into a version of herself that would fit into the SX3-R Dimension... and with that form came the BF Collar that all women in that dimension are required to wear. With her collar in place, Rika was quickly given a "job" at a love hotel where her personality would be forcibly changed to fit whatever her latest customer desired.

When she first arrived, she was quickly taken to a room where she was given an uncontrollable lust towards pleasuring the room's current occupant. As she began, the customer proceeded to also use a remote to make Rika's boobs bigger. As Rika serviced her first customer, the BF Collar she adorned showed a number that went down from 100 to 99...

Story by KiroXIII
Artwork by X geek

High resolution (2205x3583)

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