Bittersweet Flight

In Vegas, lots of crazy things happen. During an OnlyFans event at the strip, people were talking about a person passing around candy. It seems only four women tending the event were given any candy. When all of the attendees gathered, everyone was in awe when the four women acted strangely. They each said that a person gave them a piece of candy and that it had tasted a little weird.

When everyone at the event gathered at the hotel courtyard, the four girls (Neptune, Lealolly, Riae, and Jenna Lynn Meowri) began to blow up like balloons. They inflated rapidly... and then they began to float up into the night sky.

It was such a weird occurrence. Witnesses would later state that three of the girls were enjoying it, while the other two were enjoying it a bit too much. But hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


Story by Garbo_96
Artwork by Mauro Vargas

High resolution (2550x3508)

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