Blooming Flower

Yumi wants a male friend of hers to like her more but he is only interested in girls with big breasts, especially her friend Yoko. Yumi is flat chested and wants to get bigger, so when she hears a rumour about a potion that'll do just that she seeks it out. When she finds the potion and buys it from some crazy old lady she rushes home to try it. After drinking a part of it, she only gets a little bigger. She is happy but not bigger than yoko so she decides to drink the whole bottle which then expands her boobs to the biggest size there is. Her butt gets bigger too and her small slim dress has no chance as her size increases. She snaps awake from a deep sleep. She's normal! She chuckles saying it was all just dream... but was it? Again she grows!

Story by zillo13
Artwork by SednaStudio-MARBLE

High resolution (2481x3508)

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