Careful What You Say, Too

The morning after is usually a time of confusion and regret. This is especially true when you have been cursed by the neighborhood Witch to transform based on anything you and your roommate say aloud around each other.

The Witch of Apartment 13 smiled as she awoke to silence for the first time in months. Sure, she had fallen asleep to the sounds of passionate lesbian sex in the apartment next door, but at least the girls living there had finally decided to get along!

Still, all good things must come to an end. As the girls had clearly learned their lesson, the Witch was prepared to let the girls off easy with their new curse.

That was, until she began the walk to the neighboring apartment and heard the all too familiar sounds of an argument brewing.

First came the voice of the pretty blonde, Dina. “My boobs! You need to fix me!”

Then came the sleepy reply of the tall goth, Cassandra. “I… can’t! The curse made me obsessed with tits, remember? There’s no way I’ll be able to shrink them! I’m… I’m calling Kyle for help!”

“No! You are not bringing that pervert here when I look like this!”

“Hey! He’s not a pervert! You just don’t know the real him”

“Cassie! He tried to kiss me!”

“Excuse me?! You tried to kiss him! Remember, you’re the bim--"

“NO! I told you not to call me that! Besides, I’m not the one who spent all night begging for tits! If you want them so much, all you have to do is play with your own giant boobs!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh no! My boobs!” was the last reply before a large crash coming from within the apartment brought the argument to a halt.

The Witch began to smile as she stood outside the front door. She did love it when she watched mortals succumb to her curses. Reaching out to knock, the Witch was suddenly surprised when the door swung open to reveal a huge perky pair of breasts and their very angry owner.

“Ha! And you said I was a bimbo!” Dina spoke as she turned to ridicule Cassandra one last time, while Cassie's own pale breasts were expanding outwards at an alarming rate. Dina’s smile quickly began to fade, however, when she turned and came face-to-face with the Witch before her and suddenly realized what she had just said.

“You!” was all that she managed before her arousal got the better of her and she ripped off her own clothes to reveal her developing bimbo body before turning and tackling the still growing goth behind her.

“Looks like you haven’t learned your lesson after all, girls,” the Witch spoke softly. “See you tomorrow.”

With that, the Witch left the now “bimbo” Dina with Casandra and her now “giant tits,” both girls ready for another night of passionate sex.

Story by Kingofthefarmyard
Artwork by Mad Max Duarte

High resolution (3526x2493)

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