Compounding Desiree

It was by coincidence that Desiree happened upon her latest plan.

She had granted a man's wish to see the most beautiful woman on the planet by making herself more beautiful than any other woman in existence, drawing in power from the man's wish. Another man, who had been nearby, wished to see her grow even more beautiful, having been amazed by the first transformation. With more power drawn from each wish, the enhancement to her beauty from the second wish was even more dramatic than that of the first.

Another man repeated the wish, and she became so desirable that she struck her onlookers dumb. She remedied this by seducing her lust stricken subjects into wishing for her to be more desirable still. With each subsequent wish her power grows, as does the effect of her transformation.

Desiree revels in the knowledge that she has unlocked a path to limitless power as the throngs around her indulge in the sight of the forever improving sexual goddess towering above them.

Story by Avalian
Artwork by Wolfgee

High resolution (3600x5564)

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