Dialling up the Pressure

“Mission accomplished!”

“Come back with that!” another voice thundered. The performance had been going perfectly up until that point. Anyone who heard the shout would have spun in alarm to see security gathering speed, trying to catch a man who was running in an all out sprint. The man had a remote control in his fingers, and he was beyond security's reach so long as he kept running.

“Here! Catch!” Without warning, he suddenly chucked the control to another boy in the crowd. But first, he dialed it upward. On stage, the balloon girl creation of Karin Nanase stiffened somewhat, feeling the delightful sensation of her body beginning to tingle all over as her internal pump was activated. Her height grew slightly larger while her body became more shapely until it produced a pronounced hourglass figure. She continued her act, performing her routine even as her form continued to swell outward. Another boy stretched a hand up out of the crowd, snagging the remote and dialing it upward again. They then quickly tossed it on.

Karin planted a hand on her hips, posing for the crowd. The smile on her face only seemed to enhance the effect of the quivering activity further down, as her body expanded further, now becoming something more cartoonish in overall shape. Another pair of hands in the crowd caught the remote, dialled it upward again, then tossed it off in another direction. There was another seismic rumble in her chest and Karin's breasts got even larger, starting to pull away, making her overinflated figure very top heavy as she continued to swell and inflate all over. She was now larger than anyone had ever attempted before, towering over everyone and everything around her.

Judging by the faintly audible creaks and the general feeling of tightness beginning to make itself known, Karin was starting to reach the limits of what sizes her body could safely inflate to. The dial was twisted again, and, with a jolt, her boobs expanded yet again, her butt and hips swelled out and widened, and her legs gained several more feet in length, causing her to nearly stumble from the massive surge of growth.

The crowd was in a frenzy now. Another high-pitched ultrasonic tone, and Karin began to grow once more. The creaking was growing louder all over. She was past “hyper-hourglass-figured giantess” and heading rapidly toward levels never before reached. The pressure inside her was becoming so great that she was struggling to move. Some in the awestruck crowd began to fear that she was going to legitimately burst from sheer overabundance of air if the constant inflation didn't stop. Another ping, and her body surged up and outward once more...

It was anyone's guess how big she was going to get before the chaos came to an end... or if her taxed and massively overinflated body would be able to handle it all!

Story by Marmota12
Artwork by StudioArieta-YouLz

High resolution (2380x3508)

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