Distorting Reality

Lilirose looks like in a great hurry. She is trying to run but she is hindered by her new body size and by her breaking shoes. As her clothes rip and tear apart, her flesh jiggles and wobbles a lot. And she keeps growing, hitting her head against the ceiling. Around her, the mirror reflects weird images of her. One shows her with a huge hourglass form : breasts are the huggable size, and her butt is a tremendous ghetto booty. She also has big swollen lips. Another one shows her being really tall and thin with stripper-sized breasts and a huge head. A third one shows her as a chubby dwarf with volleyball breasts and huge feet. A last one shows her with tiny head, hands and feet, small arms and legs, and a huge body. Breasts are back breakers size.

Story by Xtrem
Artwork by SednaStudio-Jago

High resolution (2550x3507)

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