Dr. D. Lite's Final Form

The 13th Doctor had grown tired of being held hostage by Dr. D. Lite and being forced to travel through space and time inflating famous women. She was going to end it now. She delivered the mad Dr. to the Inter-dimensional Hotel Infinity in the hopes that some of the magical people present would be able to stop her.

Dr. D. Lite ran wild in the Hotel and, using her advanced technology from traveling in the T.A.R.D.I.S, she was able to inflate whomever she wanted immediately. Soon the entire hotel was full of inflated women.

However, one of these "victims" was the powerful sorceress Kallinara. Kallinara was furious at having her figure ruined by the mad Dr. D. Lite and for inflating all of her staff and guests. After first using her magic to deflate herself, she finally unleashed her magic on her troublesome intruders.

Since Dr. D. Lite enjoyed inflation so much, it seemed only fair to take that away from her. Kallinara transformed the mad scientist into a deflated blow-up doll, folded her into an open box, and left her on the bottom shelf of a storage closet. Kallinara's magic ensured that Lite would be ignored and forgotten about, with only the mad scientist's own thoughts for company.

And so, for countless eons, Dr. D. Lite remained in her box and thought about all the great moments she'd had. She would never be inflated again, never be touched by anyone else again, and would be completely forgotten by all. She had no voice, nor ability to move. She could only see, hear, feel, and think. Forever.

As for the 13th Doctor and Yaz... well, their story is for another time and another site.

Story by Gen-Awesome
Artwork by SednaStudio-Wang

High resolution (3300x5100)

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