Dungeon Changers: 001

Matteo and Celina were at home, working on various projects on their computers, when Matteo felt the need to take a break to play on his phone.

You see, Matteo tends to download many types of Mobile App Games to play and today was no different. He installed a new one called "Dungeon Changers." Matteo started up the game and created his Avatar (based on himself, naturally) as he began going through the tutorial.

As he completed the first dungeon, he was greeted by another character in the game... that looked very similar to Celina. Along with gaining the new NPC partner, Matteo was also awarded a bonus item to equip: "Bubblegum Bracelet." There wasn't that much flavor text for what the item was or what it did, but was prompted him to equip it to the Celina-like character.

As he saved his progress, Matteo glanced up in time to watch a pink bracelet magically appear on Celina's arm. Celina, however, seemed to be utterly oblivious to the bracelet. She got up to stretch... and Matteo could now see that the bracelet had transformed Celina's famously flat ass into a beautiful and perfect bubble butt.

Matteo quickly looked back at his game to see what else this game could unlock.

Story by KiroXIII
Artwork by Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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