Dungeon Changers: 002

Matteo had been playing the new Mobile Game he downloaded, Dungeon Changers, all of the previous night. Unfortunately, nothing new had happened since he'd obtained the Bubblegum Bracelet.

But a new day had begun.

When Matteo started the App back up, he was greeted with a new item to equip onto his "Celina" Avatar. This item was listed as the "Fiery V Top." Once Matteo equipped this item onto Celina's Avatar and submitted the changes, the world around him transformed just like it had the night before. This time, however, the change more easily spotted since it was Celina's shirt that was changing.

Celina's shirt became more vibrant as flame-like designs spread across her top while her breasts began to increase in size. These changes also went unnoticed by Celina, but Matteo was able to take it all it. Her breasts quickly grew until they were J Cups as her top adjusted itself to more effectively display her enormous increase in cleavage.

The changes weren't just physical in nature either. With every cup size she unknowingly gained, Celina could feel her libido increase until it was like a raging fire within her soul. In response, she began to unconsciously knead her breast while she went about her daily routine in the kitchen.

As Matteo watched Celina complete her latest series of changes, he couldn't help but wonder what the next day could bring...

Story by KiroXIII
Artwork by Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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