Dungeon Changers: 003

A new day had started as Matteo obtained his login bonuses for the day and progressed a bit further into the story. He had obtained a few new items, but did not want to use them just yet. He knew now that they'd become bound the moment they were equipped and he wanted to take extra precautions from here on out.

Matteo reached the boss of the current dungeon he was in, but was struggling to beat it and move forward. So, in his frustration, he equipped the only thing he could use to help him progress and defeat this dungeon's final boss. It was a "Platinum Star Choker'' that would increase the Celina Avatar's stats by a lot, doing loads more damage to the boss. The only downsides to the item that were listed was that it was a once-per-day use and that it required to be "charged" each day in order to be used again.

After Matteo successfully defeated the boss, another change occurred within Celina in the other room. As the Platinum Star Choker formed around her neck, Celina's bust increased by a cup size and her lips became fuller. A strand of her hair then changed to a platinum color as she was suddenly overcome by the need to suck on something to "charge" herself up. Celina immediately headed into the room Matteo was in and knelt down next to him. She pressed herself up against Matteo's member and proceeded to undo his pants. Matteo was surprised at what was going on, but welcomed the idea at the same time. However, he noticed that the Platinum Star Choker was on Celina's neck, and immediately realized that this must have been the "once a day charge" the game was talking about.

Celina began to sensually suck Matteo's dick, touching herself at the same time. The closer she got Matteo to climaxing, the closer she was to feeling "charged" for the day. After a few more moments, he finally climaxed and Celina felt "charged". Her urges now gone, Celina quickly wiped her mouth and left the room.

Matteo took another look at his phone and started thinking about future dungeons. He realized that what just happened would have to happen every day if he was expected to use the increased stats in-game like he did for Celina's Avatar. For now, all he could do was wait for the next day... so, he set his phone down and got back to work.

Story by KiroXIII
Artwork by Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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