Dungeon Changers: 004

Matteo had reached a part in the game now where he was just grinding equipment and levels before he could progress the story, making sure he had the best of the best. He had just unlocked the ability to fuse items to create new and different ones that would most assuredly cause new and wonderful transformations to occur, so Matteo had spent most of his day crafting and fusing. Soon, though, he'd have to set down his phone to take a teleconference call on his computer. Matteo was at his workstation with his headset on, distracted with the recipient on the other end, when Celina had passed by Matteo's desk and saw a notification about the game on his phone.

She picked up Matteo's phone to open up the game, only intending to help Matteo out with his progress while he was on his business call. The game had given her a prompt for a special mission to do, involving her equipping a recently-crafted item. So, Celina attempted to complete the mission by equipping the "Mini-Bubble-Gum-Leopard-Skirt" to Matteo's character. However, she was quickly prompted with a notification that prevented her from equipping it.

"This character is not the correct class to wear this item. Would you like to change their class to proceed?"

Celina read this and immediately accepted it, assuming it was the right option.

After pressing a few buttons here and there, she completed the mission by equipping the "Mini-Bubble-Gum-Leopard-Skirt" to the newly formed "Female Matteo" avatar. Now, as had happened to Celina previously, the changes made in-game would cause changes in real life to the player the avatar represented. So, as Matteo paced around his office during the call, he lost some of his height and became shorter, enough for Celina to be taller than him. His hair started to lengthen and fall down around his head, becoming darker and straightened. His body then softened and expanded in multiple areas, reforming his body into that of a young woman. All of this went unnoticed by anyone... including Matteo.

Then the "Mini-Bubble-Gum-Leopard-Skirt" replaced the shorts that Matteo had been wearing, which at first seemed very modest on her. But then all of her skin darkened as her thighs and butt started to expand once more, making the mini-skirt stretch tight to hold and contain the ever-expanding butt behind her. With the changes finished, the mini-skirt barely hid anything compared to the coverage it provided before her bubble-butt growth.

Matteo continued talking as if nothing had happened, similar to what happened with Celina. Reality changed for them nonetheless. Matteo, now Maddie, was still talking with their client... except filled with a desire to always show herself off, regardless of whether anyone was there to watch. Maddie loved the feeling of being free and feeling her ass sway back and forth. Celina, meanwhile, definitely loved Maddie for that ass (which put her own to shame by comparison).

Maddie finally finished the call and got back to her phone game, only then noticing that Celina had helped her progress through some missions. This made her smile... and think about some surprises for her friend in the upcoming days!

Story by KiroXIII
Artwork by Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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