Dungeon Changers 005

Maddie started progressing through a big area in her mobile game since the last usage of some premium fused items, but started to hit another roadblock as she noticed that Celine's power in game was not as high as it should be. Maddie quickly realized that the Platinum Star Choker on Celine was not at full power like it used to be during the previous week. Maddie tried to figure out what was wrong and needed a solution to help progress through her game, but Celine was currently not home so Maddie would have to figure this out by herself.

Maddie had been meaning to equip a new item she had fused anyways, and this was the best time to do so. She had fused a Platinum Star Choker with a Bubbly Blue Crop Top to create a Bubbly Star Crop Top that would give her the bonuses that the Platinum Star Choker gave along with something extra as well.

Maddie had equipped the item onto her character and the bonuses started to rise on her stats as in reality things started to change, starting with her shirt becoming the Crop Top in game that was decorated with stars and bubbles. The changes moved to her chest as they grew a few cup sizes to definitely show some cleavage in her new top. Then her lips puffed out, becoming larger than Celine's lips, making them even more perfect for the mission she needed to complete next.

Maddie proceeded to call a friend over to help test out her newly equipped items and see if this would help recharge her character in the game. Her friend arrived and in the next few moments she was servicing them with her newly grown lips. After the blowjob she began to feel revitalized and learned that this was how to keep the power up for her and Celine's avatars in game.

Story by KiroXIII
Artwork by Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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