Eliza's Dinner Party

Eliza was hosting a dinner party and invited some guests. She invited the likes of Cerebella, Ms.Fortune, Parasoul, and Valentine. Little did they know, Eliza had alternative motives for them.

Horace and Albus, on Eliza’s orders, slipped something in their food and wine that would have an outrageous effect.

After a delicious meal, the girls began acting strange.

“Does anyone's stomach feel weird or is it just me?” asked Cerebella. Everyone except Eliza was feeling this sensation but it was due to the potion that was in the food.

Soon the effects started to kick in and the girls began to notice.

“Uh Valentine, was your butt always that huge?” questioned Fortune.

“What? No... also how did you get so fat?” Valentine replied.

It soon became apparent that they were all expanding quite rapidly. Their clothes weren’t doing well either; the sounds of fabric ripping and tearing were heard as the dinner guests' bodies were becoming more taut, until there was hardly any room left. They all tried to fight back against Eliza but it was no use, they were too round to move and began to float in the air.

“Boys,” called Eliza.

“Yes, ma'am,” Albus and Horace responded in unison.

“Will you take my new balloons outside, please?”

“Right away, Ms. Eliza.” Horace and Albus tied strings around the ankles of the girls and carried them outside with little resistance. They were taken to the rooftops for Eliza to do with them as she pleased.

“It's been fun, but this is where you get off,” Eliza said with a sinister smirk. She then snapped her fingers as Horace and Albus let go of the girls’ strings and they began to float away. They were powerless to stop her and continued to float farther away from Eliza.

Eliza picked up her opera goggles to watch them float across the wind. “Is there nothing more majestic than a balloon floating in the breeze?”

Story by Garbo_96
Artwork by Drumstick

High resolution (3300x5100)

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