Expansion Magic Overload

Alice hid in the shadows and watched Roxanne with curious eyes...

Roxanne had taken out a new magic book that she had bought from Edgar the travelling shopkeeper. While flipping through the pages, Roxanne saw a spell that interested her and she began to read it out loud.

"Bigga dima nia bresta giga!!!!"

With a flashing light, Roxanne's breast started to grow bigger by the second. The expanding catgirl enthusiastically groped her butt and cried out another incantation.

"Butia dima ni giga!!!!!"

Another flash of light. This time, her ass began to grow bigger and bigger.

Witnessing all of this from her hiding place, Alice was determined to get some of this sexy magic for herself. She quietly sneaked out from the shadows and casually walked closer to Roxanne, who was too overcome with lust to notice her guest until the two were less than a foot apart.

"What do you want, little Cheshire cat?"

"I was simply passing by when I saw what you did to your body just now... and I couldn't help but wonder if you'd let me take a quick look inside?"

Roxanne quickly snatched up the book and held it against her (magically enhanced) chest.

"No way! I know full well that you'd just run off with it. It's mine and you can't have--!"

Just before Roxanne could finish speaking, Alice rushed forward and made a frantic grab for the book!

"Come on! Give it!"


The two of them kept rolling around and fighting over the magic book. In the midst of the struggle, one of Alice's claws scratched a page... and the book started to spark. Suddenly, rapid bursts of magic light shot out of the book until one of them hit Alice! The troublemaker doubled over and grabbed her gut as an unnatural pain ran throughout her body.

"Oooh... I don´t feel so good... HUH?!"

Alice's body started to blow up like a balloon. Her body become more and more spherical as she got bigger and bigger. By the time the transformation came to an end, Alice could no longer move!

As the satisfied (and very sexy) Roxanne gathered up her book and began to walk away, Alice's angry accusations and threats quickly turned to gentle promises and tearful begging...

Story by Dragonman32
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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