Final Fantasy X-pansion: "Nothing to Dressphere But Sphere Itself"

With the final boss of the fabled “Via Infinito” dungeon defeated, it was time for Yuna and Paine to claim their prize. The girls approached a pedestal on the far side of the chamber, which had appeared when the boss had been defeated. Sat atop of it was a sphere that was no bigger than a large apple and was a deep azure in color. Paine gracefully plucked the sphere up. “I don’t think it’s a jewel… It’s certainly not a record sphere. I wonder what this does…”

“I guess that only leaves one other way to find out!” Yuna interjected, also grabbing the sphere. “Dressphere, ACTIVATE!”

“Wait, wait…” a surprised Paine shouted.

The blinding warm blue light emanated from the sphere, bathing the entire chamber. Having equipped many other dresspheres during their time as sphere hunters, the girls knew the drill. They closed their eyes and relaxed, as they were both lifted into the air by a foot or so and magical blue sparkles danced around and encased their bodies, feeling the energy from the sphere absorb into them.

This dressphere felt different however, thought Yuna, but she quickly dismissed any fleeting concerns she may have had. With the dressphere’s transformation nearing completion, she felt herself slowly descending back to the ground, but as her feet touched the ground, Yuna was suddenly finding it difficult to steady herself. With the last of the blue light faded, her eyes suddenly went wide as slowly coming into view were… a huge pair of quivering blitzball-sized tits and a giant round belly?!?! Examining her enlarged assets, Yuna’s skin had also become pale blue with an encroaching darker shade of blue spreading out from her huge distended stomach; one that was far larger than Lulu ever had been during her pregnancy. Even her arms and her legs felt heavier and thicker. What was happening to her? Her shock was only broken by the thunderous sound of a forceful meaty slap a few feet away.

Paine and her new, similarly swollen naked blue body had lost its battle with gravity, landing heavily on her huge backside. As her turgid arms reached behind to grab each stinging asscheek, still jiggling from the fall, her face changed from a look of mild pain to one of worry. Her pained groans were quickly cut short the more of her rump her hands continued to find.

“How did we get to be naked, huge and blue?!?! I feel so full! Was the dressphere sabotaged?” Yuna asked, still a little stunned by her body’s current predicament.

“I dunno, but I think we’re filling with some kind of liquid,” Paine grimly replied, as she felt whatever was inflating her sloshing about inside. “And I don’t think it’s over yet… I feel myself getting larger!” And expand they did, as the wave of deep blue covered every inch of skin on their growing frames. Unbeknownst to them, they were inflating with gallons of blueberry juice by the minute, helplessly getting larger, rounder, heavier, and fuller.

Soon both Yuna and Paine were enormously round 7ft wide blueberries, their juice-filled frames leaving some vestiges that they had once been human in appearance. Most prominently, each blueberry sported a giant pair of round heavy breasts, each 3ft in diameter, that had stubbornly refused to be assimilated into the main spherical masses they now were. Their hands and feet were just about visible, though they too were being engulfed by their blueberry bodies and being pulled into deepening divots. Both girls’ heads too were slowly sinking into its own divot, while their once elegant and innocent faces were now too puffy and swollen to enunciate any proper speech. Instead muffled moans and grunts were all that either could manage. One might have had trouble telling the berrygirls apart had it not been that their hair, though a little messier now, had remained unaffected by the ordeal.

Still swelling with juice, they each felt the immense pressure and weight of the juice inside them, their taut skins pulsing with every surge of inflation. The dam that held back all that liquid wouldn’t and couldn’t last forever, even though the production of juice from within them seemingly could. Yuna and Paine craved the sweet relief from the tightness and fullness. They needn’t have worried, however, as a solution thankfully presented itself as their bodies instinctively sought self-preservation... one of self-juicing. A series of muffled cries of orgasmic relief and joy could be heard from both Yuna and Paine each time torrents of thick blueberry juice violently erupted from their nipples and pussies. Though the risk of bursting had been averted for now, there was no change in size at all. Now trapped within the depths of the Via Infinito, not only physically by their gigantic heavy juice-filled forms, but also mentally by the nearly continuous climax-inducing releases of juice, their only hopes in escaping now lay in the hands of their teammate Rikku and the crew of their airship, Celsius, finding them and rolling them back out of the dungeon.

Story by tomsmith5153
Artwork by Celestin

High resolution (1928x2667)

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