Flames of Expansion

Chandra would not allow this injustice to stand. She was sick and tired of being shown up time and again by the sultry necromancer Liliana Vess. How many of her partners had she stolen? At this point, Chandra had lost count. The pyromancer had always valued her freedom above all else and this woman was infringing upon it. No matter what lengths Chandra would go to to avoid her beaus meeting this seductress, she would always find a way. Sure, Chandra herself was a bit flaky and unpredictable, but it wasn't solely her fault that relationship after relationship kept burning out! She told herself again and again that it had to be that cow's massive mammaries that were responsible for her misfortunes. It seemed that every time she saw them, they were larger than the last and the woman's outfit happened to be showing just a bit more of them off.

No more.

Determined to win back her most recent paramour, Chandra searched the multiverse for the secret to her rival's gigantic assets. After many long nights of research and longer days of adventure, it seemed that her luck had finally changed! Chandra had found the spell she sought. Not much was known of the ancient scroll, but one thing was made very clear in the texts: the spell's effectiveness was proportional to the mana used to cast it.

Traveling to the strongest of all the fiery planes, she prepared herself to cast the spell. Closing her eyes tightly, Chandra began channeling her mana inward. She felt the magical forces flow through her. Suddenly, she could feel an increasing warmth in her chest. It was different from the warmth she was familiar with as a pyromancer. She found the feeling incredibly pleasant and focused ever harder. She felt her newfound warmth grow from a simple spark into a sizeable fire. At the same time, there was another feeling. One of a weight building where once it was absent. Before she knew it, Chandra felt a raging inferno rampaging within her and temporarily lost herself to utter pleasure.

Finally opening her eyes, she was amazed at the results. Her armor was strained to its very limits attempting to contain her now bountiful bosom. She had always thought that such a chest would have been enough for her... but now, craving more of the pure bliss she had recently attained, she realized this was no longer about a petty rivalry. She knew she wanted more.

With her magic, Chandra felt for the largest source of mana she could find, discovering the bubbling lava far beneath her feet. She smirked. With a forceful surge of power formerly unknown to this plane, Chandra pulled at the molten earth, causing an incredible eruption of flame and lava. Her hair igniting to a state of pure flame, she began focusing the heat and power inward once more and quickly became lost in rapture as she burst free from her garments once and for all.

There was no turning back now.

Story by Mason
Artwork by Waru Souza

High resolution (4047x5732)

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