Getting SWOLL

Testing yet another new Wonka brand product set to go to market in the next year, subject 'Jaya' has shown that refinement of the new "high calorie training" bars are in need to tweaking.

Subject started at a weight of 240 pounds, standard from the year before when subject first applied to taste tester position and consumed more than the recommended dose of the 'Gender Genie' candy without knowledge. Excess weight from said ingestion was burned off as expected. Current weight after ingestion of Caloritoffee is 487 pounds (rounded down, as it is still being digested by subject).

To counteract the weight gaining, we are going to administer, via a small amount of 'Fizzy Lifting Drink' so mobility wont be inhibited), compound 84. We believe that this will disperse the remaining formula in "her" and cause a diminishing of weight in rapid order.

Some audio has been included to show that subject is still healthy despite the new weight, for legal reasons:

"Yeah, yeah, so I took your dumb weight gaining fitness bar. I’d say it worked TOO well! This had damn well better fix me. I want my old life back. No, I'm not tired. It's just getting hard to move again, like the time you assbutts turned me into a fruit. Now what the hell is in this one?"

UPDATE: For reasons that are currently unknown to us, subject 'Jaya' has experienced a VERY adverse reaction to the introduction of the compound 84 into 'her' body. Subject has seemingly had all fat migrated to feminine aspects of her figure (namely the posterior and breast areas), leaving the rest of 'her' form as if she had not ingested any of the compound 84 or the Caloritoffee weight gain supplement. Subject still seems to be growing, as the compound did not do as it was designed, causing the Caloritoffee to intensify 'her' feminine attributes 20 fold... and increasing. We are unsure as to how much she will gain and may need to evacuate staff within the testing room as soon as possible.

Again, audio is provided to ensure that subject 'Jaya' is in good heath:

"WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING!?!?!?!?! AGAIN WITH THIS BULLSHIT!?! Come ON!!!! You guys have GOT to stop doing this and FIX ME!!!!!!"

End of audio.

Story by Drafna
Artwork by Bokuman

High resolution (3535x5000)

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