Gifts of the Devine

Most people at some point in their life ask for help from powers greater than them, but the gods are fickle and many prayers go unanswered, for better or worse. However, the forest temple of the Golden Cow has granted many of its loyal servants their wishes… if they ask for the right thing.

The current senior shrine priestess, Mizuhana, had served loyally for the last five years at the temple by instructing the initiates in how to maintain the temple (as well as all the many ceremonies that would be carried out over the year in honor of their spirit god).

Today was different.

A warm breeze swept through the courtyard, carrying the scent of flowers and fresh milk. Almost instantly, a golden beam shone down from on high, enveloping Mizuhana. She heard the soft voice of the Golden Cow she had so faithfully served. She would be rewarded and her prayers would be answered.

All at once, the warm light that shone on the senior shrine maiden’s skin could be felt to her core. She felt the divine radiance infuse her body, filling it up. The world fell away as the feeling of being one with her god ensnared her senses and her body began to grow, her breasts and ass swelling in size with each deep, calm breath. Serenity was within her. She didn’t even hear the sloshing of her breasts as they grew large enough to force her dress open. She even adjusted her stance without a thought, the divine being taking all things into consideration. The younger initiates could only watch in shock and awe as their senior grew bigger and bigger.

Finally, the light faded and Mizuhana felt the spirit of her god leave her body... leaving their great gift behind for her. She smiled at those around her as the other maidens ran to her side, questions flying from their lips as a few curious hands reached out to confirm what their eyes saw.

“As I was saying the other day, work hard and pray faithfully to our god and you too will receive their benevolence.” She gave a soft mirthful chuckle. “Now, I think it’s time we appoint a new senior shrine maiden. I appear to have outgrown the role.”

Story by Likalmor
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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